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Whether you live in Oslo, Trondheim or Tromsø, whether you work or stay at home with your children, our Norwegian Language Course for beginners will help you understand and start speaking Norwegian in just six weeks. 
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Learn Norwegian in 42 days by following our step by step instructions. Grammar videos, listening exercises, written assignments and much more for you to start speaking Norwegian in no time!

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This course will take you through the level A1, and after you have finished this course, provided you have completed all the tasks, you will have absolutely no problem passing the official Norwegian test at level A1 (and maybe even A2!) - Norskprøve nivå A1-A2 - at your local test centre. 

What will this give you? - Taking the test at level A1 shows your employer or potential employer that you are making an effort to learn the Norwegian language and become integrated into the Norwegian society. It also gives you a sence of completion and being ready to move to the next level. 

Passing the test at level A2 is enough to replace the compulsory 550 or 250 hours of Norwegian training in order to get a permanent residence permit in Norway. A good investment, if you ask me!

I promise to support you and help you whenever you need me.

My goal is that you achieve the best learning results as quickly as possible.